We are pleased to welcome our new vendors to the Kundalini Yoga Festival! We encourage you to stop by and say hello to them and of course, try and purchase their goods. From oils to jewelry, you won’t be disappointed.



 THE PLANT MIA – Feature Food Vendor!

The Plant MIA’s mission is to feed: feed nutrient dense and delicious plant based meals that have a low impact on the environment, but that have high impact on the health and well being of our customers and community. To donate a portion of our profits so that we can help not only our local community, but aid in education to create awareness nationwide about sustainability in food practice. To also use those donated profits to make sustainable fruits and vegetables and nutritious food more accessible to everyone despite circumstance or economic status. Or mission is to love through food and empower through plants!




SoulSpray by Aumhome is a multi use spray that freshens the energy in your space and around your aura. Blessed with Rituals, Mantra’s and Reiki, infused with gem elixirs, organic oils, crystal keepsakes and created according to the planetary rhythms this spray has uplifted many and brought serenity to events, schools, homes, offices and businesses. Aumhome will also offer specific crystals for space clearing and divination.



We specialize in home furnishing, clothing, accessories and jewelry from mostly India and Morocco. We import everything ourselves.




Craftsmanship, spirituality, stones and femininity lie at the core of the design ethos of Joanne Stone Design. The pieces in this collection aim to connect the individual with a higher human conscience. To Joanne Stone, the Peruvian born designer and world traveler, jewelry is not only a way to embellish an individual but a medium through which people can connect to the natural energy of stones. Impakter was honored to interview Joanne in her studio and to have her share with us her design genius and process and to tell us a little more about who she is and what is behind her inspiration.


Vedic Astro Yoga


The ancient astrological science of India (Vedic Astrology) illuminates your path and purpose giving you clarity on life’s biggest decisions. In a vedic astrology reading with Sharu you will explore your birth chart revealing a detailed description of your psychological profile, the timing of karmic cycles past present and future, and any other questions or areas of life of interest (such as career, finances, relationships, health). With Sharu’s 13 year + experience with Kundalini Yoga he will prescribe a specific Kundalini Yoga meditation to help you get to the next level in your life. Also included, upon request, are compatibility charts with anybody significant in your life as well as checking your living location and power spots with Vedic Astro Location. A recording of our reading and screenshots of your chart(s) with important dates is included as well. Shine with the light of Destiny!


Luna Moth


Luna Moth to offer Thai Yoga Demos at the Miami Kundalini Yoga Festival! Thai Yoga (Thai Massage) including specific styles such as SomaVeda® are also indigenous traditional systems of movement education, dancing meditation and therapy, movement repatterning, and all of the applications are specifically intended to affect the mind, body, spirit, emotions and human energy field in one way or another. Please come by and experience a spiritual massage!




Fusionary Formulas is a series of Ayurveda Nutraceuticals designed to bring ancient Ayurvedic healing properties into the modern age. Crafted by physicians, the all-natural formulas alleviate common ailments such as pain and stiffness in a balanced, natural way. The company’s goal is to heal the world by fusing ancient wisdom with modern science. The Turmeric Gold by Fusionary Formulas is the most powerful anti-inflammatory on the market, it is a great preventive.  All supplements are made in FL, in a GMP certified facility, using the highest quality most potent herbs available.



Currently, our hand-crafted products include Chaga tea and our immune boosting triple extract. Additional tea selections, health and beauty products are soon to be added to our product line. We are local to Woodstock, NY, and our extract and teas can be purchased at Mother Earth’s Storehouse in Kingston, NY, regional farmers’ and flea markets




Healing Malas & Bracelets, intentioning with Sat Nam Rasayan.




Conscious Clothing Company


Kundalini Rising

collection by YogiGirl


Kundalini Rising collection by YogiGirl.
“Clothing with a Conscious” for your spiritual practice made of natural and organic fabrics.
Limited edition Summer Love Mandala print



Media Partners